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Subject: Re: the missing day
From: (Dave Mack)
Date: 1990-04-28, 18:54

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> >I think it's entirely possible that in the pilot there was a day either 1)
> >between the discovery of Laura's body and Ronette walking out of the woods or
> >2) (much more likely) Ronette walking out of the woods and Cooper showing up. 

Nope. Laura was killed the morning of Friday, Feb. 24, between midnight
and 4 AM. Her body was discovered early Friday morning. All of the
action in the pilot takes place that day. We know this because at the
opening of episode 1, Cooper tastes the coffee at the Great Northern
for the first time. Episode 1 covers Saturday, Feb. 25 up to about
7 PM. Episode 2 opens with the Horne family having dinner Saturday
night and continues through Sunday, Feb. 26, showing everyone in
the RR diner after church. It ends with Cooper's call to Truman
announcing that he knows who the killer is. Episode 3 opens with
Cooper entering the dining room at the Great Northern on Monday,
Feb. 27 for breakfast. This is the day of Laura's funeral.

It doesn't seem possible to have a missing day in there and still
have everything link together. The fact that the last time anyone
(that we know about) saw Laura alive was on Thursday, Feb. 23 was
clearly established in the pilot.

Dave Mack