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Subject: Twin Peaks: Episode 4 info (lots)
From: (Avi Belinsky)
Date: 1990-04-28, 12:14

I'm back from re-watching the fourth episode of TP, and here are
more of my observations/comments/speculations...

1) Audrey tells Agent Cooper " I understood her (laura) better than the 
   rest.  What does this mean?

2) Cooper says that Truman and Lucy wre in his dream.  They weren't in
   the dream we saw in episode 3.  Would this have given too much away?

3) Cooper mentions the fact that the room in his dream, and the dwarf's
   suit were both Red.  They wouldn't have repeated this if it wasn't
   important.  Cooper also mentions the land where the birds sing, and
   there is always pretty music in the air.  Ditto for importance.
   What do these mean? Break the code, solve the crime.

4) When Albert gets hit by Truman he lands face first lying down on
   Laura and he says "How appropriate!"  What does Albert mean?

5) Did anyone else notice that at the end of the autopsy scene, Laura's
   arms are hanging to the side of the table. "Sometimes my arms bend
   back"  It may not be significant, but was a nice touch.

6) In the soap opera Jared (the father of the twins Jade and Emerald
   (are the names significant)) is about to commit suicide because of
   finacial difficulties.  Leland parallel ???

7) When Hank's parole officer is talking to Norma he says that he will
   be granted parol tomorrow "barring any unforseen circumstances".  
   Are these circumstances going to happen or is it just part of the 
   parole officer's high-falutin' language that had me cracking up.

8) Bobby's father (the major) talks about how when young men die in war,
   they die too soon, and Laura died too soon.  Was she involved in a war?
   (War on drugs ?)

9) Albert says that he has done "enough forensic _SPADE_ work to save
   Cooper's butt".  Insignificant but cute, considering all the other
   suit of cards symbols.

10) The killer washed his hands. (from Albert's report) Who would do this?
    Was it Leland (blood on his hands in episode 3) Big Ed (greasy hands
    from working in a garage: doubtful, he's a book house boy) or just
    the killer trying to get the blood off his hands.  I doubt this one
    too.  They wouldn't have mentioned it if it wasn't significant.

11) The animal bites on Laura's neck and shoulders.  What could this be
    from, and what the &^%&^ does it mean?

12) Why the letter J in Laura's stomach?  Was she eating the killer's
    name in Alpha-bits? :-)

13) Cooper tells Diane that he thinks he can get some property that will
    be reasonably priced.  Is he referring to the fact that Twin Peaks
    is a cheap place to live, or that someone (Ben Horne) is driving down
    the price so they can buy it all up?

14) Did you notice the eye-patch on one of  Nadine's dolls.  Cute.

15) Nadine seems to be in love with Big Ed again. ("last night was great",
    "you came back to me", etc.)  Big Ed seems to be as aloof as ever.
    This probably has nothing to do with the murder, but is related to the
    future plot lines, if and when the series is renewed.

16) When a motorcycle rides up to Ed/Nadine's house, Ed says it's James.
    Nadine says "James who?"  How can she forget?  Is there another 
    bike-riding James?

17) The presence in the woods:  This is perhaps the most significant
    thing said in the episode.  Is it real, imagined, made-up?  The
    only things it told me for sure was that our guesing about occult
    involvement is correct.

18) Was Andrew murdered ?  Does it relate to this murder or is it just
    Catherine/Ben's power struggle for the mill?

19) Dr. Jacoby: "I'm a terrible person"  Why? Did he kill Laura?  Did
    he allow the murder?  Did he allow Laura to get into drug dealing?
    Is he referring to the fact that he just doesn't give a shit about
    the people in Twin Peaks?

20) Dr. Jacoby: "I thought no one could reach me again."  Who reached
    him the first time?

21) Truman to Josey Packer: "nothing will happen to you while I'm around"
    Is something going to happen when he isn't around? (like in Canada
    checking out the One Eyed Jack)

22) The screenwriter listed in the credits is Harley Peyton.  Does he
    really exist or is this another one of Lynch's jokes about Twin Peaks
    being similar to Peyton Place.


23) In the preview of next week's episode we see a llama in one scene
    with Cooper and Truman.  LLama <---> Dalai Lama ???

That's all I noticed that I thought was worth mentioning.  Perhaps
some of you can expand on the significance of some of my observations.

- Avi

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