Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Twin Peaks: Episode Four
From: (Avi Belinsky)
Date: 1990-04-28, 10:15

Some observations/speculations about episode 4

1) Laura/Madeleine Theory (same person)

When Madeleine shows up Leland asks her "Madeleine, is that really you?"
She never answers.  This lends support to the double theory.

2) Dr. Haywood Theory

Doctor Haywood is fighting with Albert to get the body buried.  Is
he afraid of what Albert may find?  This lends support to the theory
that Dr. Haywood saw Laura go bad and wants to kill her.

3) Runing Jokes

Did anyone else notice the coffee cup in the secret passageway just 
before Audrey opened the peep hole?

4) Bobby and the cross

Some people have noted that Bobby was bending his arms back in front of
the cross just before hs dad entered into meaningful dialogue with him.
Actually I thought he was imitating Jesus on the cross, and this was
martyr/Jesus symbolism.  After that and his speech at the funeral
("We're all resposible") I think Bobby is supposed to be one of the
good characters.  (If you can consider a drug dealer who's cheating on
his girlfriend good ...)

5) Spoiler to Euro-version

In a rolling stone article on TP, one of the actors states that the 
Euro-version had an ending that involved among other things "time-travel".
This certainly lends weight to the Mike and Bobby from the future
theory.  I'm hopeful that Lynch will end the North American version on
a more realistic note.

I have plenty more observations to make, but I'll have to go back, watch
the tape and write them down.  Till then...

	- Avi
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