Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Episode 4 (Ed+Nadine=James, Laura+Leland, Cooper/FBI/DEA?/CIA??)
From: (Brian Yamauchi)
Date: 1990-04-29, 13:58

A couple comments and speculations on episode 4:

	1) Nadine is reminiscing about high school and saying how she knew Ed
would fall in love with her when "he got to know her".  Then James walks
in and Nadine doesn't recognize him.  Hmmm... everyone's been wondering
why Ed stays with Nadine (or why he married her in the first place),
maybe James is their son, and Ed married Nadine out of a sense of
responsibility, but has been hiding the truth to protect James.

	2) Something was clearly going on between Laura and her father.  I
think the both the dancing scenes (both in with Laura's picture and
after the funeral) plus the coffin jumping scene with her mother's
comment "Don't ruin this _too_!" indicate that there's more going on
here than meets the eye.

	3) Cooper threatens to stick Albert at a desk job deep inside
Washington. So much for the theory that Cooper isn't really with the
FBI.  On the other hand, I suppose he _could_ be with another agency --
the DEA would make sense given the drug sales.  For a stranger twist,
Lynch could throw in the CIA and international espionage. (Why not?  We
already have murder, drug rings, prostitution, pornography, local power
plays, random graft and corruption, psychic powers, prescient dreams,
secret societies, and a presence of evil in the woods.)

The best thing about this show is not knowing what is going to happen next...


Brian Yamauchi				University of Rochester		Computer Science Department