Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: ABC antsy over turn in 'Twin Peaks'
From: dawson@apollo.HP.COM (Keith Dawson)
Date: 1990-04-29, 08:31

In article <15728@phoenix.Princeton.EDU> rlwald@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Robert L. Wald) writes:
> >
> >  ABS has no right to compain, though, putting it against a powerhouse
> >like Cheers.

Summary of TP ratings to date (percentages):

 Episode 0: 33%   [pilot -- dir. Lynch]
         1  28%
         2  21%   [dir. Lynch]
         3  18%

(Source: newspaper accounts, some from memory.) There seem to be two statistics
quoted in regard to ratings: one extrapolatable to how many millions of people 
were watching, and another representing percentage of homes with a TV turned on 
at the time; figures above are the latter.

Newspaper accounts keep mentioning that the series that TP replaced in this ill-
favored timeslot, The Long Riders, was cancelled when it fell to a 15% share.

--Keith Dawson