Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Fingerprints; Tibet
From: (David Adler)
Date: 1990-04-29, 11:05

Has anyone mentioned the collection or analysis of DNA evidence?
In most murder cases these days and all involving possible rape 
samples (vaginal swabs and blood samples) would be taken.  I'm
sure the results of any sperm and blood DNA fingerprinting would 
be extremely enlightening.  (see the Blooding by Wambaugh). In the
real case of which this book is about they tested the blood for DNA
type of every male in the village.  So in small town this is not 
beyond the realm of possibility of course not just males in this case.

On another but related issue - geography - I worked on a rape/murder case 
in Colville, Washington.  This town is in the extreme NE of Wash state -
about 15 miles from both Canadian and Idaho border and in many ways fits
TP feel.  Of course TP is a composite town and the Snoqualmie relations are
strong but Kyle, having grown up in Yakima would sure know about Colville.
One thing is that Colville seems more like a mining then logging town.
Colville also has what's thought to be an internationally known family 
restaurant The Farm House - overlooking the river and valley - I recommend
it highly.  I'm not familiar enough with the Colville surrounds to talk about
more geo similiarities.  Anyone else been to Colville lately perhaps stayed
at Benny's Panorama - if yes say hi to Miss Benny for me.

-- David A. Adler University of Washington Pathology SM-30 Seattle, WA 98195