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Subject: Re: The "backwards" speech & other effects
From: (Archer Sully)
Date: 1990-04-29, 17:01

In article <> (paul d geiser) writes:

> >In article <9280002@hp-ptp.HP.COM> you write:
>> >>
>> >>  My theory for the "backwards" speech is the actors spoke their lines
>> >>  backwards pronouncing the sound of each word backwards. Then when 
>> >>  editing, they reversed it. You got the sound of backwards speech but 
>> >>  could understand what they said.
>> >>

> >I agree very much with John C.'s theory with a minor difference.  And I have
> >read about instances of people doing this before.

> >The actors speak their lines like normal.  Then these lines are played 
> >backwards and the actors listen to them trying to discern patterns and then
> >they speak these phonetic patterns and they are recorded.  Finally 
> >these patterns are reversed giving a backwards sounding effect but the sounds
> >sound like words so we recognize them.

> >I think David Lynch would opt for this more brute force method rather than
> >using a digitizer of any sort.

There's an even easier way to do this, using guitar effects.  In fact, there
is a box made by  that reverses attacks, and strangely enough
if you plug a microphone through it you end up sounding just like the people
in the dream sequence. 

Easy and cheap!

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