Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Twin Peaks: Episode 4 info (lots)
From: (Dave Mack)
Date: 1990-04-29, 18:02

In article <> (Avi Belinsky) writes:
> >
> >I'm back from re-watching the fourth episode of TP, and here are
> >more of my observations/comments/speculations...
> >
> >1) Audrey tells Agent Cooper " I understood her (laura) better than the 
> >   rest.  What does this mean?

Given her peephole into Daddy's secret life and her comment about
how "he used to sing to her", Audrey may very well have understood
Laura better than most of the people in TP. Of course, she's also
trying to ensure future contact with "dreamy" Agent Cooper, who also
takes his coffee black.

> >4) When Albert gets hit by Truman he lands face first lying down on
> >   Laura and he says "How appropriate!"  What does Albert mean?

It's sarcasm. He's castigating Truman for punching him in the morgue
so that he lands on Laura's corpse. Pretty hypocritical, all in all.

> >10) The killer washed his hands. (from Albert's report) Who would do this?
> >    Was it Leland (blood on his hands in episode 3) Big Ed (greasy hands
> >    from working in a garage: doubtful, he's a book house boy) or just
> >    the killer trying to get the blood off his hands.  I doubt this one
> >    too.  They wouldn't have mentioned it if it wasn't significant.

If the killer wrapped Laura in plastic to avoid getting her blood on
things, wouldn't he have washed his hands too? The significant thing
in this scene was Albert's interpretation of the pumice dust on Laura's
neck as meaning that the killer had "leaned in for a kiss, like this"
after killing her. It tells you something about the mentality of the

> >11) The animal bites on Laura's neck and shoulders.  What could this be
> >    from, and what the &^%&^ does it mean?

They looked like cat bites and scratches. Cats have long been the
favorite familiars of witches. Also, "Kitty got a new collar" in
Laura's diary may be literal.

> >12) Why the letter J in Laura's stomach?  Was she eating the killer's
> >    name in Alpha-bits? :-)

The letter "J" was on a piece of plastic partially dissolved by stomach
acids. Does Upjohn manufacture any drugs in plastic rather than gelatin
capsules? Or is this just another "J" for the list?

> >16) When a motorcycle rides up to Ed/Nadine's house, Ed says it's James.
> >    Nadine says "James who?"  How can she forget?  Is there another 
> >    bike-riding James?

Nadine, now overjoyed at successfully inventing the 100 percent silent
drape runner, is still a wacko who can't remember her own nephew's
name. It takes her a few seconds to figure it out.

Dave Mack