Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: various things about episode IV
From: (Thomas L Daniels)
Date: 1990-04-29, 08:58

1) Laura's arms were mighty flexible when Albert (give me tools or give me
death, better yet, give me both!) was with her in the morgue.  Hmm... anybody
hear of rigor mortis after at least 2+ days of being stone dead?

2) What has Audrey seen through the peephole?  "I knew Laura better than most
people..." "Did Laura talk about my father much?"  and something about her
father singing to laura...
-we know that dad is a suzzbag who visits the whorehouse a lot
-laura's friends (and perhaps laura) worked there too
-laura helped Audrey's brother,
SO Is it possible that scuzzbag dad came in and blackmailed Laura while she
was with Johnny into having sex with him because he knew about the cocaine
and prostitution (at funeral, Bobby accuses everybody of knowing that she
was in trouble).  AND is it possible that he had sex with Laura righ there in
front of Johnny thinking that he was too out of it to notice.  This may lead to
later retaliations by Johnny against the evil dad.  Why does Johnny wear the 
headdress... does it relate to this?

3) Johnny is now tight with Dr. Joccoby (coconut man) and Joccoby was tight
with Laura, so maybe now Johnny will start opening up and telling hitherto
unknown juicy things and act out against...

4) Jocoby sez he's such a bad person... could it be because he knew what was 
happening to Laura because of the tapes she gave him?  Maybe he wanted to 
do something but she told him not if he hears something else from 
little Johnny maybe he'll start acting better by doing something about
what he knows?

5) Did you notice that the log lady was right next to the preacher at the
funeral?  Why the position of prominance?  When will someone get the nerve 
to ask the log something?

Tom and Kit
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