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Subject: Alleged "Dippiness"
From: news@cirrusl.UUCP (USENET News System)
Date: 1990-04-30, 16:37
Reply-to: carey@sunscreen (Mike Carey)

In article <13329@csli.Stanford.EDU> (Ann Podlozny) writes:
> >In article <> writes:
> >}What is the significance of Cooper telling HST and the dip they were
> >                                                    ^^^^^^^
> >}in his dream?
> >
> >the dip?  that's not fair; I think Lucy deserves more credit than that.

	I agree. Remember during the pilot, when Bobby and James
are talking within earshot of Lucy at the police station? She
pretended to ignore them while all the time typing everything
that they said.
	This manuever doesn't necessarily qualify her for genius,
but it does indicate that she's not exactly "dippy".

						Mike Carey