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Subject: Re: ^ t p ^: ratings plateau?
Date: 1990-04-30, 02:48

In article <12758@ttidca.TTI.COM>, lester@ttidca.TTI.COM (jim) writes:
> > In article (Jym Dyer) writes:
>> >>.-.
>> >>|T|he thing to do is make sure all your Neilsen family friends get
>> >>`-'addicted to the show.  And talk it up to all your friends, in
>> >>   particular, your friends who don't like television!
> >   Right!  Seemingly lots of folks watch Cheers and tape Peaks, since Peaks
> > is an instant classic and we'll want to watch it over and over (sometimes
> > my mind bends back).  Can Nielson or other ratings determine if Peaks is
> > being watched (on tape delay), or are they only attuned to the channel sel-
> > ector for live broadcast?

We were a 'Nielson household' last year. Here's how it works. You are
RANDOMLY selected. They ask you if you're willing to do it. They send
you a 'scorecard'. You mark what you watched. NB: the directions state
you should mark a show as watched even if you tape it and watch it
later. I can't remember if they had ua do this for a week or a month.

IMHO, we should bring r.a.t and a.t.t-p to the network execs
attention. It's a free guage of what 'technically-oriented' people
watch. Whether you're a student or someone in industry, face it, we
have (or will have) above average incomes. Sony, BMW, and Sam Adams'
don't want to advertise to shoe salesmen.