Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Biggest inconsistency yet
From: chris@bullwinkle.UUCP (Chris Andersen (The Dangerous Guy))
Date: 1990-04-30, 11:54
Reply-to: chris@toontown.UUCP (Chris Andersen (The Dangerous Guy))

In article <> (Jon Conrad) writes:
> >Chris, your theory just won't hold up (that a day passed between the
> >roadhouse incident and Mike and Bobby's conversation in jail).  

No, no, you misunderstood: I suggested that a day passed between the first
time that Bobby was questioned and the fight at the Roadhouse (not between
the fight and the conversation in jail).  It was at this time that Bobby
probably got the first $10,000 to Leo (perhaps at the Roadhouse?)

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