Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Observations on 4/26 episode
From: (Nicole Vecchi)
Date: 1990-04-30, 05:50

In article <1990Apr27.210924.12137@uokmax.uucp> gejohann@uokmax.uucp (Gene Edward Johannsen) writes:
> >Just watched the episode again and have a couple things to point out:
> >1) Audrey did not confirm or deny that the note meant 'One Eyed Jacks'.  The 
> >exchange went something like this:
> >	Cooper "Why did you write the note?"
> >	Audrey "I thought you could use the help"
> >	Cooper "What is One Eyed Jacks?"

I think the lines prior to these are perhaps more important.  Cooper asks
her to write her name.  He then states 'you slipped this note under my door' 
or something like that.  Audrey says 'I did?'; I could almost hear the gears
grinding in her head.  Maybe she didn't have anything to do with the note, 
but thinks this is her opportunity to get close to Cooper.