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Subject: Re: ReNewed
From: jfr@Tellabs.COM (John Ryder)
Date: 1990-04-30, 10:58
Reply-to: jfr@tellab5.UUCP (John Ryder)

In article <> (S. A. Wilson) writes:
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> >I am copying this without premission:
> >Sacramento Bee, Fri. April 20, 90, Hollywood Hotline, Marilyn Beck.
> >
> >David Lynch's "Twin Peaks" has gotten off to such a
> >spectacular start that ABC has already ordered several
> >more scripts for fall. .........

Several days ago, there was an article in the New York Times (I believe)
Business section about TP losing more and more of its audience
with each episode, and that it was having a tough time
competing with "Cheers". ABC stated that reports that they had decided
to pick up the show for next fall were not true. They said no decision
about renewing the show would be made until the show completed its
initial run, the last episode airing on May 21. The article went
on to state that the show has already been considered a success for ABC,
boosting ratings in that timeslot by 30%. The article also quoted several
industry insiders who heavily criticized ABC for putting the show up
against "Cheers", in direct competition for the same audienece demographic.
However, there was also a statement from a TP staffer that if ABC
doesn't renew, they have been "assured" that another network (Fox?) will
pick up the show.