Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: twin peaks 4/26
From: (Doug vanderVeen)
Date: 1990-04-30, 20:03

Peter Lee writes,
> >Yes, it was annoying as a plot device but consistent with my
> >dream experiences.  Frequently in my dreams in which I appear as
> >a participant (rather than just observing), I experience the
> >dream from an out-of-the-body view point, so that what I
> >remember seeing/hearing may be no more privileged than what--if
> >you indulge me for the sake of this description--other dream
> >participants might see.

I might add that there is more to dreams than just sight and sound.  I
found it very easy to believe
the "extra information"  Cooper provides at breakfast.  i.e. He knew
that Bob shot Mike simply because knowing it was a part of his dream. 
It was not something we saw because it was not something that could be
filmed.  I would agree that it is annoying in a TV show, but not that it
is hard to believe.

Doug van der Veen