Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: twin peaks 4/26
From: (Peter Lee)
Date: 1990-04-30, 17:40

Ann Podlozny writes:

> > Is anyone else a little bothered that Cooper 'forgot' the name
> > of the killer?  Contrasted with his memory of everyone's police
> > record, and other little details, I found it a little strange.  Not
> > strange good, though, just an annoying plot trick.  I guess he
> > probably thought he would never forget it, so he didn't write it down,
> > but I'm pretty sure he did remember it when he called HST; you don't
> > just FORGET something that important...

Yes, it was annoying as a plot device but consistent with my
dream experiences.  Frequently in my dreams in which I appear as
a participant (rather than just observing), I experience the
dream from an out-of-the-body view point, so that what I
remember seeing/hearing may be no more privileged than what--if
you indulge me for the sake of this description--other dream
participants might see.

And often, there is a certain hollowness in the world my mind
constructs for me... the surfaces that I see are all there but
not the actual objects.  In the same way, I may recall with
perfect clarity being whispered something but not know what
was whispered.

All this could be just my weirdness... but I found the dream
sequence in episode 3 (4/19) so convincing that while watching
the scene, I remember thinking that Cooper will not remember
what was whispered to him by Laura/cousin, only to be somewhat
surprised later when he tells Truman on the phone that he knew
who the killer was.