Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TWIN PEAKS 4/26
From: (Darryl Cate)
Date: 1990-04-30, 14:05

In article <461@visual.UU.NET> rwh@visual.UU.NET (Robert W. Holzel) writes:

> >Also, did anyone else note how, after Cooper asked Big Ed how long he'd
> >been in love with [Peggy Lipton character], the group fell silent for
> >a moment until Truman slid the check over to Big Ed and said something
> >to the effect of "Looks like this one's on you."  It was as though they'd
> >had a bet going that Cooper would detect that very fact.

The snatch of dialog before Cooper got to the table pretty much
indicated this.  Something to the effect of

Big Ed:" There's no way he'll figure it out"

HST:" If he does, then you're buying "

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