Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Twin Peaks: Episode 4 info (lots)
From: chrisdr@microsoft.UUCP (Chris DRAGICH)
Date: 1990-04-30, 11:35

In article <> (Avi Belinsky) writes:
> >1) Audrey tells Agent Cooper " I understood her (laura) better than the 
> >   rest.  What does this mean?
> >
It means that when Laura was tutoring Johnny Horne in his room, she
would talk to him and tell him her problems -- his condition makes
him a real safe person
for her to talk to. Audrey could listen in easily from her secret
room. Thus Audrey "understands" Laura cause she's gotten to hear Laura
think, but they still aren't really friends. I bet this is where Audrey
heard Laura talk about Audrey's father.

> >
> >10) The killer washed his hands. (from Albert's report) Who would do this?
> >    Was it Leland (blood on his hands in episode 3) Big Ed (greasy hands
> >    from working in a garage: doubtful, he's a book house boy) or just
> >    the killer trying to get the blood off his hands.  I doubt this one
> >    too.  They wouldn't have mentioned it if it wasn't significant.
> >
I think this is just the killer getting the blood off his/her hands.
I think the whole point of this clue is to tell us that the killer 
kissed Laura after she was dead -- more good weird stuff.

> >13) Cooper tells Diane that he thinks he can get some property that will
> >    be reasonably priced.  Is he referring to the fact that Twin Peaks
> >    is a cheap place to live, or that someone (Ben Horne) is driving down
> >    the price so they can buy it all up?
> >
I think Cooper has just fallen in love with Twin Peaks, so he's thinking
about buying property there as an investment, or as a place to live
sooner or later. As for the "real cheap" line -- have you ever 
compared real estate prices between big cities and small towns? I assume
that since he's an FBI agent he's based in a large city, where prices
are naturally higher than in any smaller town.

I think this is just another innocuous bit Lynch has thrown in showing
how much Cooper likes this town.

> >16) When a motorcycle rides up to Ed/Nadine's house, Ed says it's James.
> >    Nadine says "James who?"  How can she forget?  Is there another 
> >    bike-riding James?
> >
Why does this surprise everyone so much? Nadine's elevator pretty much
doesn't go to the top all the time, and this is just another clue.
Also, I think Nadine somewhat resents James' existence, since it is 
a distraction for Ed and keeps him from spending more time with her.
If you want to get into more speculation, I wouldn't be surprised to
find out Ed is actually James' father.

> >19) Dr. Jacoby: "I'm a terrible person"  Why? Did he kill Laura?  Did
> >    he allow the murder?  Did he allow Laura to get into drug dealing?
> >    Is he referring to the fact that he just doesn't give a shit about
> >    the people in Twin Peaks?

Did we all see Jacoby's trench coat at the cemetery? It sure looked like
what the person watching Leo/Bobby/Mike in the woods was wearing. I     
think Jacoby wanders at night a lot, to the cemetery in this episode, 
watching Leo/Bobby in the last one, and I bet he
was also watching James and Donna when they buried the necklace.

But if Jacoby's not the one secretly watching stuff in the woods, it
has to be the Log Lady.
> >
> >20) Dr. Jacoby: "I thought no one could reach me again."  Who reached
> >    him the first time?

This just meant he was tired of everything, and he didn't think he would
care about anything again, like he did when he was a young, idealistic

Great show, great newsgroup! Hmm -- "This must be where
newsgroups go when they die."

- Chris