Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Who did it
From: Jon.Webb@CS.CMU.EDU
Date: 1990-04-30, 14:05

> > Excerpts from 29-Apr-90 Re: Who did it Dave
> > (611)

> > o Dr. Hayward, on Thursday night, manages to kidnap not only Laura...
> > Jeez, I hope I'm as energetic as Dr. Hayward when I'm his age.

> > I think we're looking for someone slightly younger.

This is a good point.  He certainly couldn't have done it alone.  But we
already know that Laura had sex with three men the night she was killed,
so there must have been other people involved in any case.

My reasoning was as follows: digging up the locket is a key event,
because we know whoever did it killed Laura Palmer, because of Sarah
Palmer's psychic vision in the pilot.  It is, in fact, the only point
where we know we've seen the killer.

Now, who knew where the locket was?  Only James Hurley and Donna
Hayward.  Other people may have known where James and Donna were, but no
one knows that they hid the locket there!  (I.e., even if there's
someone in Twin Peaks with a metal detector he or she wouldn't have know
to use it in that place).  Unless some unknown person was standing there
and watching them as they buried it -- but in that case we can't
conclude anything about the killer.

So assume we can use the locket burial as a clue.  We know James didn't
dig it up, since he was in jail.  He also didn't tell anyone where it
was, since he was being barked at by Bobby and Mike.  But Donna was
picked up by her father, and he suddenly seemed real friendly.  That was
odd, as was his other behavior, and Lynch cut off the dialogue before
they'd finished their ride.  Dr. Hayward could easily have said, what
about that locket?  He could've convinced her that the police would find
it, and they should go dig it up.  (Or, he could've gotten her to
describe the location, and called the killer to go dig it up, using his
metal detector or excellent nighttime tracking skills.)

Actually, on reflection, I don't think it was Hayward that actually dug
up the locket -- I recall him being shown at home with his wife shortly
before Sarah's vision.  But he must have a strong connection to the
killer.  As must Dr. Jacoby, since he received the locket from whoever
dug it up.  (Unless there are two lockets, not too unlikely since so
many other things are doubled.)

I also believe that Laura Palmer was being watched by Truman and Pete
Martell.  Either she was working with the Bookhouse Boys, hence the sign
in Cooper's dream, or they were keeping track of her involvement in
(This explains why Big Ed asked Truman to not tell Cooper everything). 
That is why Pete said ``She's dead'' and Truman knew who he meant right

-- J