Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TWIN PEAKS 4/26
From: news@cirrusl.UUCP (USENET News System)
Date: 1990-04-30, 12:33
Reply-to: carey@sunscreen (Mike Carey)

In article <13324@csli.Stanford.EDU> (Ann Podlozny) writes:

> >Is anyone else a little bothered that Cooper 'forgot' the name
> >of the killer?  Contrasted with his memory of everyone's police
> >record, and other little details, I found it a little strange.  Not
> >strange good, though, just an annoying plot trick.  I guess he
> >probably thought he would never forget it, so he didn't write it down,
> >but I'm pretty sure he did remember it when he called HST; you don't
> >just FORGET something that important...

	I also thought that this was a cheap plot device, worthy
of a lesser night-time soap, but not worthy of TWIN PEAKS. It
was handled in a very heavy-handed manner, too.

						Mike Carey