Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: A Question
From: logan@yunexus.UUCP (Beryl Logan)
Date: 1990-05-01, 09:45

My tape of the episode is out on loan, so I can't check this, but with
all the discussion regarding the ever-increasing probability that the
dead girl is not Laura, how did Cooper phrase his revelation to Harry
that he knew the identity of the killer?  Did he say, "I know who
killed Laura Palmer", because that would throw a krinkle into the
hypothesis, or did he just say he knew who the killer was.  As I
recall, he was very off-hand at breakfast about telling Harry and Lucy
that he forgot who it was, almost as if it didn't matter.  Seems odd
that he forgot, first if he now knew the killer's identity, would he
be able to fall back to sleep so easily?  And, as others have said,
why *could* it wait?  (he wouldn't have forgotten something so
important if he stayed awake till morning).  He seemed more excited
about the code in the dream than the killer's identity.