Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: in dreams...
From: larry@celia.UUCP (Larry Weinberg)
Date: 1990-05-01, 23:08

There has been no discussion, that I've read, about the
shadow that slowly drifted across the curtains in the dream sequence?

My guess is that it represents the bloody rag that was found.

I could put together some of the circumstances like this:

	1 - The one armed man (or whoever he represents) interupted
		the rape of Ronette (is that her name?) and shot the would-be
		killer once.  This is why she is still alive.

	2 - The killer was slightly wounded and the rag was used to stop his/her

	3 - The killer must now be wounded, who could that be?
		The other figure in the woods during the football scene was wearing
		some kind of overcoat or cape.
		Also, Dr. Jacoby was wearing a cape during the funeral scene.
		Could he be hiding an injury?

Another silly guess as to who the midget represents:

midget == shrunken man == shrink == psychiatrist == Dr. Jacoby