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Subject: Next Week's TV Guide
From: earle@poseur.JPL.NASA.GOV (Greg Earle - Sun JPL on-site Software Support)
Date: 1990-05-01, 16:15
Reply-to: earle@poseur.JPL.NASA.GOV

Interesting that no one has mentioned next week's (May 5th-May 11th) TV Guide.
6 pages of fluff on `TP' (asks all the same questions, gives no answers),
tells us that `Bobby' isn't at all like the character he plays, and that
`James' is wondering why fame and fortune hasn't come tumbling his way yet.

But what's more interesting is the accompaning article about `Hackers'
talking about TV shows (on CompuServe, but ...) using their computers ...
clearly this is more than a coincidence.  Usenet killed Laura Palmer ...

BTW, the reason that there are so many deer antlers et al. is because 
David Lynch is a closet Laibach fan ... (figure THAT one out)

	Greg Earle
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