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Subject: Re: Slow-mo reflections on 4/26
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-01, 04:51

In article <>, writes...

} Speculation: Freeze-framing the picture of Norma's imprisoned husband,
} Frank,  looked like it could be the one armed man from Cooper's dream.
} (I know the name is different but the face looks similar.)

But I doubt that they are supposed to be the same, since the One-Armed
Man was wandering around the hospital while Hank Jennings is supposed
to be in prison. Besides, the name of the actor given in TV GUIDE who
plays Jennings is not the same as the one who plays the O-AM.

} While we're on the subject, anyone notice the inconsistency of Cooper
} telling HST that he saw the man from Mrs. Palmer's vision (who Hawk
} has sketched) in his dream when, according to next week's preview, he
} hasn't seen the sketch yet?

I suspect that what Cooper was saying was that *in his dream* Hawk had
sketched a picture of the man from Mrs. Palmer's vision. Next week, he
sketches it for real.

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