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Subject: Re: The "backwards" speech & other effects
From: (Archer Sully)
Date: 1990-05-01, 13:25

In article <9004301340.AA25568@gaffa.MIT.EDU> jsd@GAFFA.MIT.EDU (Sassy Orange Downfall) writes:

> >In article <> (Archer Sully) writes:
>> >>There's an even easier way to do this, using guitar effects.  In fact, there
>> >>is a box made by  that reverses attacks, and strangely enough
>> >>if you plug a microphone through it you end up sounding just like the people
>> >>in the dream sequence. 

> >I have one of these boxes.  It's called a Midiverb II by Alesis and it
> >has all sorts of "reverse" programs but none of them sound the way the
> >speech on the show did.  These boxes tend to reverse the sounds
> >*after* they've been made so you get someone saying "peanut" for
> >example and then immediately afterward you hear "tuneap."

> >Lynch went the more difficult route - the actors learned the lines
> >backwards and recorded them that way.

The box that I'm thinking of is not a Midiverb II (which sounds kinda cool
anyway), but something different, and far older.  I think it was an 
Electro-Harmonix thing from the mid-70's, and all it did was reverse
the attack.  It didn't sample do a sample and hold, or a LIFO sample.

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