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Subject: Re: the missing day
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-01, 04:17

In article <>, writes...

} I think it's entirely possible that in the pilot there was a day either 1)
} between the discovery of Laura's body and Ronette walking out of the woods
} or 2) (much more likely) Ronette walking out of the woods and Cooper
} showing up.

No, sorry, there's no missing day. Laura's last entry in her diary was
quite clearly stated to be February 23rd. Cooper's first log entry was
at 11:30, Friday, February 24th.

Actually, there is a day mix-up later in the show. In the 4/19 episode,
shortly before Cooper's dream, which takes place on Sunday night,
Catherine Martell asks Pete "What did the FBI man want up here today?"
Cooper and Truman had actually gone up there to talk to Josie on
Saturday, not Sunday. And it was clear that she wasn't referring to an
unshown second visit, as Pete's reply referred to his trouble with a
fish in his percolator.

I've gone through all of the episodes to date and constructed a timeline
of events that I'll be posting as soon as I find the time to type it in.

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