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Subject: Re: Twin Peaks: Episode 4 info (lots)
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-01, 03:42

In article <>, (Avi Belinsky) writes...

} 2) Cooper says that Truman and Lucy wre in his dream.  They weren't in
} the dream we saw in episode 3.  Would this have given too much away?
} Significance?

Cooper mentioned lots of things that we didn't see in the dream sequence.
Another example is that Mike shot Killer Bob.

} 4) When Albert gets hit by Truman he lands face first lying down on
} Laura and he says "How appropriate!"  What does Albert mean?

Just confirming his opinion that Harry is a dumb hayseed sheriff.

} 7) When Hank's parole officer is talking to Norma he says that he will
} be granted parol tomorrow "barring any unforseen circumstances".  
} Are these circumstances going to happen or is it just part of the 
} parole officer's high-falutin' language that had me cracking up.

Probably standard issue comment. The officer certainly couldn't guarantee
that the parole board's decision would go a particualr way, could he.
He was giving his opinion based on the behavior of Jennings.

} 10) The killer washed his hands. (from Albert's report) Who would do this?
} ...They wouldn't have mentioned it if it wasn't significant.

I think you're reading too much into it.

} 15) Nadine seems to be in love with Big Ed again. ("last night was great",
} "you came back to me", etc.)

She was never *out* of love with him, in my opinion.

} 16) When a motorcycle rides up to Ed/Nadine's house, Ed says it's James.
} Nadine says "James who?" How can she forget? Is there another bike-riding
} James?

No, she's just being flakey.

} 18) Was Andrew murdered ?  Does it relate to this murder or is it just
} Catherine/Ben's power struggle for the mill?

I think he was murdered, and that it was part of Catherine and Ben's plot
to get their hands on the Mill and the land.

} 19) Dr. Jacoby: "I'm a terrible person"  Why? Did he kill Laura?  Did
} he allow the murder?  Did he allow Laura to get into drug dealing?
} Is he referring to the fact that he just doesn't give a shit about
} the people in Twin Peaks?

The last suggestion.

} 20) Dr. Jacoby: "I thought no one could reach me again."  Who reached
} him the first time?

Probably someone early in his life. Perhaps whoever it was who got him
interested in psychiatry. At any rate, most likely irrelevant.

} 21) Truman to Josey Packer: "nothing will happen to you while I'm
} around" Is something going to happen when he isn't around? (like in
} Canada checking out the One Eyed Jack)

I *really* think you're reading way too much into the most insignificant
of lines. This is a common phrase in this sort of situation. It's a way
of saying, "I won't let anything bad happen to you."

} 22) The screenwriter listed in the credits is Harley Peyton.  Does he
} really exist or is this another one of Lynch's jokes about Twin Peaks
} being similar to Peyton Place.

No, it's a joke about the bike-riding characters.

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