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Subject: Re: Twin Peaks: Episode 4 info (lots)
From: davidbe@sco.COM (The Cat in the Hat)
Date: 1990-05-01, 14:52
Reply-to: dave@sco.COM (The Cat in the Hat)

Yo!  Dig what (Avi Belinsky) sez:

	[ still based on memories ]

-1) Audrey tells Agent Cooper " I understood her (laura) better than the 
-   rest.  What does this mean?

It's possible that Laura confided to Audrey about a lot of her feelings;
if not in exact detail.  They may not have been *friends*, but with the 
relationship between Laura and Johnny, certain bonds could have developed.

-7) When Hank's parole officer is talking to Norma he says that he will
-   be granted parol tomorrow "barring any unforseen circumstances".  
-   Are these circumstances going to happen or is it just part of the 
-   parole officer's high-falutin' language that had me cracking up.

I think it's a plot device to introduce conflict for Norma.  After all,
what would happen if she *didn't* show up to the parole hearing?  It would
keep the way clear(er) for her and Ed.

-10) The killer washed his hands. (from Albert's report) Who would do this?
-    Was it Leland (blood on his hands in episode 3) Big Ed (greasy hands
-    from working in a garage: doubtful, he's a book house boy) or just
-    the killer trying to get the blood off his hands.  I doubt this one
-    too.  They wouldn't have mentioned it if it wasn't significant.

Well, Albert would have mentioned everything, significant or not; it's in
his nature.  However, the simple fact that after however long, there was
a residue of the soap would be significant enough to mention.  

-11) The animal bites on Laura's neck and shoulders.  What could this be
-    from, and what the &^%&^ does it mean?
-12) Why the letter J in Laura's stomach?  Was she eating the killer's
-    name in Alpha-bits? :-)

Damned good questions.

-19) Dr. Jacoby: "I'm a terrible person"  Why? Did he kill Laura?  Did
-    he allow the murder?  Did he allow Laura to get into drug dealing?
-    Is he referring to the fact that he just doesn't give a shit about
-    the people in Twin Peaks?

That's it exactly.  He's feeling guilty about pretending to care about
his patients, when he doesn't really care if they live or die.

-20) Dr. Jacoby: "I thought no one could reach me again."  Who reached
-    him the first time?

Probably an ex-wife or something.  "... reach me again" is a bit more 
dramatic than "... ever reach me".

-21) Truman to Josey Packer: "nothing will happen to you while I'm around"
-    Is something going to happen when he isn't around? (like in Canada
-    checking out the One Eyed Jack)

Typical macho saying.  It establishes the gunslinger/backwoods mentality
of Truman, and shows that there's more than something casual (or physical) 
between him and Josey.

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