Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TWIN PEAKS: ratings plateau?
From: (William December Starr)
Date: 1990-05-01, 17:49

In article <803@Intrepid.ECE.UKans.EDU>, Barry Gingrich said:

> > ...I guess that this means that ABC is trying to figure out whether or
> > not they should renew. 

The Saturday 4/28 New York Times quoted and ABC spokesman as (a)
denying that a decision has been made yet, (b) saying "We have four
more episodes to air before we make our decisions about what shows
will be on the fall schedule... Bob [ABC Entertainment president
Robert Iger] will wait and see how the numbers are the next few
weeks," and (c) saying that ABC probably will not switch TP from its
current time slot prior to the end of its run on May 21.  (Yes, I
know, May 21st is a Monday, not a Thursday.  Don't blame me -- the NYT
article says the 21st.  They probably meant the 24th.)

The audience size for the 4/26 episode was down 14% from the 4/19
audience; and the 4/19 audience was 30% smaller than that of 4/12.

An unnamed NBC exec is quoted in the same article as speculating that
ABC will have to renew TP whether they want to or not: "They [ABC] are
coming into the up front selling season with a lot of momentum.  That
momentum has been built on the perception that they are on the brink
of beating us.  Renewing Twin Peaks would amount to a vote of
confidence that the perception that brought ABC to this point is
ture."  Huh?

The best news of all for the pro-renewal forces comes in a quote from
"a production executive associated with the show": "...we aren't
really worried about it.  If ABC doesn't pick it up, another network
will.  We have been assured of that."  Of course, a lot of people in
human history have been assured of things that didn't turn out to be

Having reported all that, let me say that I'm not an overly
enthusiastic supporter of renewal.  All indications are that neither
Lynch nor Frost want to make this show their life's obsession, and the
4/26 episode is pretty indicative of the fact that the show can suffer
pretty badly in someone else's hands, especially wrt direction.  I'd
rather see TP do eight good hours and leave than get renewed and
become Juat Another Mediocre TV Show.
-- William December Starr  Get a load of him, he's so insane... You'd better get your coat, dear, It looks like rain.