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Subject: Re: Who did it
From: (Dave Mack)
Date: 1990-05-01, 20:01

In article  Jon.Webb@CS.CMU.EDU writes:
>> >> Excerpts from 29-Apr-90 Re: Who did it Dave
>> >> (611)
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>> >> o Dr. Hayward, on Thursday night, manages to kidnap not only Laura...
>> >> Jeez, I hope I'm as energetic as Dr. Hayward when I'm his age.
> >
>> >> I think we're looking for someone slightly younger.
> >
> >This is a good point.  He certainly couldn't have done it alone.  But we
> >already know that Laura had sex with three men the night she was killed,
> >so there must have been other people involved in any case.

She was with Bobby from about six PM to about nine PM. They were not
necessarily studying algebra. This could account for one. She was
with James Hurley from about 9:30 to about 12:30, when she jumped off
his bike and ran away. They were not necessarily riding around for
three hours. Another possible lover. Finally, the tape she made for
Dr. Jacoby certainly sounded like a veiled invitation to meet her in
the woods. A third possible lover. Note that in his autopsy report,
Dr. Hayward says she had had sexual intercourse with *at least* three
men in the last 12 hours. Her killer could have been number four.
This assumes that she was indeed raped by the killer - neither Hayward
nor Albert mentioned that she had been raped. Perhaps this is simply
assumed. Only Ronette Pulaski has actually been described as having
been raped.

> >My reasoning was as follows: digging up the locket is a key event,
> >because we know whoever did it killed Laura Palmer, because of Sarah
> >Palmer's psychic vision in the pilot.  It is, in fact, the only point
> >where we know we've seen the killer.

I disagree that whoever dug up the locket is necessarily the killer.
Sarah Palmer screams quite a bit, and if this is her first "vision",
it's not surprising that she would scream. But I don't think it means
that the person who dug up the locket is the killer. 

My guess is that Dr. Jacoby was out there, in the woods, mourning
his lost Laura, and saw James and Donna bury the heart. Realizing
what it was (he *was* Laura's shrink, she would have explained the
split heart necklace to him), he waited until everyone was gone,
then retrieved it as a memento of Laura, something more personal
than her voice on a cassette tape.

> >I also believe that Laura Palmer was being watched by Truman and Pete
> >Martell.  Either she was working with the Bookhouse Boys, hence the sign
> >in Cooper's dream, or they were keeping track of her involvement in
> >drugs.

In Cooper's dream, she touched her nose, not the corner of her eye.
This is a very old gesture meaning "I know" or "it's a secret". She
wasn't a Bookhouse Boy (person?). As for Truman knowing she was
involved with drugs; he got pretty heated when Cooper suggested
that the white powder in the envelope was cocaine.

COOPER: "...I bet it will test positive for cocaine."
TRUMAN: "Impossible."
COOPER: "Haven't you ever been surprised before?"
TRUMAN: "Mr. Cooper, you didn't know Laura Palmer."

> >(This explains why Big Ed asked Truman to not tell Cooper everything). 
> >That is why Pete said ``She's dead'' and Truman knew who he meant right
> >away.

Any cop would want to know "where?" first. They want to get there
before anyone messes up the crime scene. Who isn't important. The
dead person isn't going anywhere. I don't think Truman knew who it
was until they turned the body over.

Of course, I could be wrong. One of the recurring themes in Lynch's
most personal works (Eraserhead and Blue Velvet) is that a nice
exterior hides vileness. Beneath the beautifully manicured lawn,
the insects are devouring each other. Jeffrey Beaumont succumbs
to the singer's entreaties and slaps her while they're making love.
And in Twin Peaks, the archetypal Nice Small Town Full Of Decent
Folks, everybody is committing adultery, selling drugs, visiting
the local whorehouse, etc.

While I don't believe that Dr. Hayward is the killer, I wouldn't 
be at all surprised if it turns out to be the person no one *wants*
it to be. Like Sheriff Truman, for example.

Dave Mack
god i'm long-winded