Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Do you know where dreams come from?
From: aalanm@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (A Alan Middleton)
Date: 1990-05-02, 16:09

S.A. Cooper says dreams come from firing neurons, but look what Homer
(the Greek, not Simpson) says:
   My friend, dreams are things hard to interpret, hopeless to puzzle
   out, and people find that not all of them end in anything.
   There are two gates through which the floating dreams issue.
   One pair of gates is made of horn, and one of ivory.
   Those of the dreams which issue through the gate of sawn ivory,
   these are deceptive dreams, their message is never accomplished.
   But those that come into the open through the gates of the polished
   horn [!!!] accomplish the truth for any mortal who sees them.
                                          Odyssey, Book 19, ll. 560-567
                                          (Lattimore translation)