Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TWIN PEAKS: ratings plateau? (Newsweek article)
From: (Mike O'Brien)
Date: 1990-05-02, 02:43

From article <>, by (William December Starr):

> In article <803@Intrepid.ECE.UKans.EDU>, Barry Gingrich said:
>> ...I guess that this means that ABC is trying to figure out whether or
>> not they should renew.
> The audience size for the 4/26 episode was down 14% from the 4/19
> audience; and the 4/19 audience was 30% smaller than that of 4/12.
> Having reported all that, let me say that I'm not an overly
> enthusiastic supporter of renewal. All indications are that neither
> Lynch nor Frost want to make this show their life's obsession, and the
> 4/26 episode is pretty indicative of the fact that the show can suffer
> pretty badly in someone else's hands, especially wrt direction. I'd
> rather see TP do eight good hours and leave than get renewed and
> become Juat Another Mediocre TV Show.

However, listen to this David Lynch quote from the May 7 issue
of Newsweek:

"I never thought I'd be watching numbers like I am, but I love the
cast, I love the place of Twin Peaks and the coffee and doughnuts.
I don't want to say goodbye to them, so I'm sitting on the edge of
my seat waiting to see what will happen."

On an upbeat note, they also mention that the ratings dip is due
mostly to the loss of the over-50 audience, which is not coveted
by advertisers. The 18-to-49-year-olds are still watching, and
the show is doing as well as any ABC show in that time slot in the
last four years.

The Newsweek article also contains a map of relationships. If you,
like me, have trouble keeping track of all these people as you are
watching, I suggest you go get this issue of Newsweek.

Michael O'Brien