Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Right Out of the Box
From: (David Jason Kyle)
Date: 1990-05-02, 12:17

Hey folks.  I've just been told that this board exists, and as I am an
avid fan of D.L. and Twin Peaks, I thought I would join forgive
me if I ask questions that you've already covered (I didn't want to read
717 posts worth of catching up...)

Did anyone ever figure out who the figure in the shadows was in the
episode two weeks ago?  The quarterback and his strong arm pal were in
the woods with Leo and the q/b says something to the effect of "do you
have somebody with you?" and then they're forced to run.  Maybe he said,
and I missed it, but I'm curious.  Could it have been Dr. Jacoby, and
that's how he has the half of the heart? (sneaking out in the woods, saw
biker & Laura's best friend smooching and watched them bury the thing
then go did it up himself?)

Oh yea... the thing that goes by the window in the dream sequence, I am
pretty sure, is the back end of a plane... it looks like they're sitting
in an airpost lounge and the plane just taxis by outside the window.  If
you have it on tape, look at it... it works.

*Was Andrew murdered ?  Does it relate to this murder or is it just
*Catherine/Ben's power struggle for the mill?
*I think he was murdered, and that it was part of Catherine and Ben's plot
*to get their hands on the Mill and the land.
Makes you wonder if the murder of Andrew (c'mon, we know he had to have
been knocked off... ;-} )has something to do with Laura...I mean, Ben
and the One Eyed Jack, Laura at the One Eyed Jack, Laura maybe found out
about Ben's she had to made quiet, non?  And speaking
of the One Eyed Jack Problem, what does Audrey Horne know about all of
this?  And why is she such a late 50's/early 60's throwback?  

*While watching the tape, I noticed that in the video of
*Laura, and in James' flashback of her, that Laura's hair is blond.
*However, the body on the beach and on the coroner's table has brown hair
*(...just like Laura's cousin). I was wondering why nobody has brought
*this up during the "Laura and her cousin changed place" speculations.
Hair her color would look brown when wet...mine does.

*Also, did anybody else notice that "Blackie" (the "hostess" at One Eyed
*Jack's that Jerry recites poetry to) showed up at Laura's funeral?
Wasn't most of the town at Laura Palmer's funeral?  My question about
this is, what DID the people of Twin Peaks know (and still know...)
regarding all the wrongdoings...the speach by the quarterback seemed
kinda strange (like most of the SHOW isn't strange...)

And now there's "an evil lurking in Twin Peaks".  So, when does Dave
stop introducing new characters and let us get on with things....

Sorry for being so long winded....the excitement got to me... :^)