Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Theories
From: mrk@Apple.COM (Michael Kaplan)
Date: 1990-05-02, 21:32

I just could'nt resist posting some theories that have come to mind while
reading this news group.

1.  Laura (or her lookalike's) father seems to have some extra guilt about
her death, more than just a normal grief.  My theory includes the fact
that he is implicated in the death.

2.  The statement "She's dead" is important.  I think you can read it as
"She's DEAD".  This could imply that the person is shocked that she is DEAD,
when she was not supposed to actually DIE during some event in which the
speaker participated or had some knowledge about.

3.  Many people in the town seem to be implicated in this "anti evil cult"
vigilante group, including the sheriff and Ed.  One way to "exorcise"
demons is through the use of magic ritual.

So, heres the theory.  The "anti evil cult" group was involved in magic
rituals up in the old train car.  This cult included Laura's father, Ed,
the sheriff, and others.  Part of the ceremony involved Laura.  During
the ceremony (from which one girl excaped alive, remember), Laura
ACCIDENTALLY died (notice that she seems to have died from a lot of small
wounds, rather than a single blow or wound).  Thus, the townspeople, including
the sheriff, are covering up the secret group's cult happenings and Laura's
accidental death.

Well, what do you think??