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Subject: Ben Horne @ the Morgue (was Re: Albert Rosenfeld, it's been nice knowing you)
From: hannan@sco.COM (Rosebud...)
Date: 1990-05-03, 12:49
Reply-to: hannan@sco.COM (hanna nelson)

In article <10491@yunexus.UUCP>, logan@yunexus.UUCP (Beryl Logan) oozed:

==> What was Benjamin Horne doing at the morgue, saying that he thinks he
==> speaks for others?

it looked like laura's dad, leland had some kind of
breakdown (the next (or previous? i forget) scene
shows him watching "invitation to love" and getting
some kind of shot from a nurse-like woman who didn't
look like laura's mom).  in previous episodes, 
laura's mom didn't seem to have it together enough 
to fight with albert over releasing the body.

but, i agree; it's kind of weird that ben is representing
the palmer parents.  besides being leland's business partner
(?) what _is_ his connection?

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