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Subject: Laura is the face in the misty light
From: (Tim Peierls)
Date: 1990-05-03, 22:57
Reply-to: (Tim Peierls)

Perhaps coincidentally, the local public television station was
showing "Laura", the movie starring Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews,
and Clifton Webb, at the same time as TP.  I caught the last hour,
though, and was gratified to learn that one of the characters in
that movie is named Waldo Lydecker.  Lydecker is the name on the
animal clinic, and Waldo is the name of Mynah bird that may have
have chewed up Laura Palmer.

Some other people have already pointed out that the movie contains
a shadow Laura, who is killed at the beginning, and a real Laura,
which, by association, makes the theory that Madeleine is Laura
(or vice versa) more attractive.

The movie has a great title song, from which my subhect was taken.

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