Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Random notes
From: (Julie Kozaczka Stahlhut)
Date: 1990-05-03, 20:16

Hmm -- this week has me a little confused. (More than usual!?!)

Looks like Bernard has been knocked off by Leo, and Jacques has been
threatened to keep out of the country.  Which one of the brothers,
Bernard or Jacques, was the bartender?  I can't remember.  Could
Jacques have conspired with Leo to kill his own brother?  Is Jacques,
in fact, really alive in hiding in Canada?

What's Hank's connection to Josie?  It sounds like Hank went to jail for
something that was clearly an accident, so there must have been some
extenuating circumstance (e.g., either Hank was driving drunk when he
ran someone over, or else he killed someone in an apparent accident
but had some interest in seeing that individual dead.)  But I seem to
remember that Hank was in jail for three years, and Andrew Packard
has only been dead for one year.  Could he have been Josie's lover?
Or, could they be enemies (maybe Josie was a witness against him)?
Also, it seemed from Norma's and Ed's conversations earlier that 
Hank was a dangerous criminal, but maybe he wasn't actually a brawler
or a wife-beater; maybe his problem was booze or drugs.  Guesses?

Wouldn't it be funny if Cooper turns out to be gay?  He doesn't say
much about his broken relationship, and he's awfully resistant to the
women of Twin Peaks, professional detachment aside.  (Although being
resistant to Audrey Cooper is simply self-preservation!)

Audrey is fast becoming my favorite character in the whole show!