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Subject: Re: Twin Peaks: Episode 4 info (lots)
From: (Robert J DeBenedictis)
Date: 1990-05-03, 19:28

In article <54369@microsoft.UUCP> chrisdr@microsoft.UUCP (Chris DRAGICH) writes:
> >In article <> (Avi Belinsky) writes:
>> >>13) Cooper tells Diane that he thinks he can get some property that will
>> >>    be reasonably priced.  Is he referring to the fact that Twin Peaks
>> >>    is a cheap place to live, or that someone (Ben Horne) is driving down
>> >>    the price so they can buy it all up?
>> >>
> >I think Cooper has just fallen in love with Twin Peaks, so he's thinking
> >about buying property there as an investment, or as a place to live
> >sooner or later. As for the "real cheap" line -- have you ever 
> >compared real estate prices between big cities and small towns? I assume
> >that since he's an FBI agent he's based in a large city, where prices
> >are naturally higher than in any smaller town.
> >
> >I think this is just another innocuous bit Lynch has thrown in showing
> >how much Cooper likes this town.

Cooper is planning on becoming the Sherriff.

>> >>19) Dr. Jacoby: "I'm a terrible person"  Why? Did he kill Laura?  Did
>> >>    he allow the murder?  Did he allow Laura to get into drug dealing?
>> >>    Is he referring to the fact that he just doesn't give a shit about
>> >>    the people in Twin Peaks?
> >
> >Did we all see Jacoby's trench coat at the cemetery? It sure looked like
> >what the person watching Leo/Bobby/Mike in the woods was wearing. I     
> >think Jacoby wanders at night a lot, to the cemetery in this episode, 
> >watching Leo/Bobby in the last one, and I bet he
> >was also watching James and Donna when they buried the necklace.
> >
> >But if Jacoby's not the one secretly watching stuff in the woods, it
> >has to be the Log Lady.

The Log Lady and Dr. Jacoby - a match made in (pie) heaven.

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