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Subject: Re: Various points gleaned from reviewing the TP extant TP episodes
From: (The Ancient Programmer)
Date: 1990-05-03, 11:59

In article <> (Cisco's Buddy) writes:
> >
> >-- One definite inconsistency crops up. At the Town Meeting the previous
> >   night, Truman tells Cooper that Andrew Packard died "last year". At
> >   Josie's on Saturday, he tells him that Packard died "a year and a half
> >   ago", which would've been the year *before* last.
> >
	Only if these events are taking place in July or later. After July,
a year and a half would be the beginning of last year. But, then again, 
since Andrew Packard died in a boating accident, it probably happened
after the lake thawed...unless he went ice fishing in a boat:-)

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