Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Various points gleaned from reviewing the TP extant TP episodes
From: adamk@media-lab.MEDIA.MIT.EDU (Adam Kao)
Date: 1990-05-03, 17:38
Reply-to: (Adam Kao)

In article <> (Cisco's Buddy) writes:
> >-- "Kitty got a new collar."  Some people think this is significant, and
> >   might have something to do with Leo Johnson (whose truck is the "Big
> >   Pussycat"). I think this is a red herring, and refers to nothing more
> >   significant than perhaps her pet cat was given a new collar. That entry
> >   in the diary was written on 2/5 *of the previous year*, and thus is
> >   possibly unrelated to the events now in progress.

Someone else mentioned they saw, on the next page of the diary, "Made
some extra $$ today" (or something like that).

A whorehouse is often called a cathouse.  All the girls at One-Eyed
Jack's wore collars.  I think this is strong evidence that Laura got
involved in prostitution there.

I think Lynch is too creative to use a random red herring (who cares
if Laura has a pet cat?)  If he's going to the trouble of writing old
diary entries, then he's doing it for a real reason, not just to
confuse us.  Lynch loves to drop bizarre hints that *become
significant later*, e.g. Leo slicing up the football.  (Did anyone
else notice that Leo's fancy car was visible (though under wraps) from
the 0th episode?  Good hint for drug-dealing.)

If Lynch bothered to put it on camera, then it's related to the
current story.  Have faith in Lynch; he's too smart to be random.