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Subject: Re: Who did it
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-03, 00:58

In article , Jon.Webb@CS.CMU.EDU writes...

} My reasoning was as follows: digging up the locket is a key event,
} because we know whoever did it killed Laura Palmer, because of Sarah
} Palmer's psychic vision in the pilot.  It is, in fact, the only point
} where we know we've seen the killer.

Am I missing something here?

How exactly do "we" know that the person who dug up the locket is
Laura's killer? Sarah Palmer had two psychic visions (assuming that
the juxtaposition of her waking up screaming and the mystery person
digging up the locket are meant to indicate that she's having a vision
of this happening, which while it may seem obvious to some is *still*
an assumption). One was of the Mystery Person digging up the locket.
Later, she had the vision of Killer Bob squatting by a bed. Why are
you assuming that this means that said Mystery Person is the killer?

} Now, who knew where the locket was?  Only James Hurley and Donna
} Hayward. [...] Unless some unknown person was standing there and
} watching them as they buried it -- but in that case we can't
} conclude anything about the killer.


} So assume we can use the locket burial as a clue. We know James didn't
} dig it up, since he was in jail.  He also didn't tell anyone where it
} was, since he was being barked at by Bobby and Mike. But Donna was
} picked up by her father, and he suddenly seemed real friendly.

Presumably because he's a friendly sort of guy.

} That was odd, as was his other behavior, and Lynch cut off the dialogue
} before they'd finished their ride.

Why do you say it was odd? We don't know enough about his character to
say whether this behaviour is unusual for him or not.

} Dr. Hayward could easily have said, what about that locket? He could've
} convinced her that the police would find it, and they should go dig it
} up. (Or, he could've gotten her to describe the location, and called
} the killer to go dig it up, using his metal detector or excellent
} nighttime tracking skills.)

Or, he could *not* have. It's oone thing to speculate on things that
we haven't seen based on scenes that have been presented to us. You're
making suppositions out of the whole cloth here, and they have no basis
in reality as we know it.

} Actually, on reflection, I don't think it was Hayward that actually dug
} up the locket -- I recall him being shown at home with his wife shortly
} before Sarah's vision.

Assuming, of course, that Sarah's vision occurred at the same time as
the locket was actually dug up. Her vision could have been prescient,
and the actual digging up of the locket could've happened hours later.

} But he must have a strong connection to the killer.

"Must"?  Why?

} As must Dr. Jacoby, since he received the locket from whoever dug
} it up.

Aren't you totally missing the obvious here?  Like, that Jacoby might
have been the one who dug it up?

} I also believe that Laura Palmer was being watched by Truman and Pete
} Martell.

Why? What's Pete Martell got to do with it?

} Either she was working with the Bookhouse Boys, hence the sign in
} Cooper's dream [...]

The sign?  You mean her tapping her nose?  That has nothing to do with
the BB's. They brushed their temples.

} or they were keeping track of her involvement in drugs.

On the other hand, recall that in the pilot, when we first see James
talk to Big Ed, he said about Laura, "She's the one."  She's the one
what?  That James has been secretly involved with (perhaps he told Big
Ed he was seeeing someone, but not who it was)?  Or that she was the
end user of the drug case that they were trying to bust? If the latter,
James may have come to this conclusion without really knowing for sure
that she was involved in the drug trafficking.

} (This explains why Big Ed asked Truman to not tell Cooper everything).

More likely, he was leery of telling an outsider about their little
secret society that is of dubious legality.

} That is why Pete said ``She's dead'' and Truman knew who he meant right
} away.

Harry knew who Pete meant?  Then why was he surprised when they covered
her face and saw that it was Laura?  He may have been feigning surprise,
but there's no reason to conclude that. It's also not obvious that Pete
knew who the corpse was, given that it was wrapped in transluscent plastic
and lying face down, and he only went close enough to determine that it
was a corpse.

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