Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 5/3 Episode
From: Jon.Webb@CS.CMU.EDU
Date: 1990-05-04, 06:36

Well, it looks like my theory that Doc Hayward was involved in the
digging up of the locket is dead.  If Donna had told him about it, she
wouldn't have been so shocked when Sarah mentioned the vision.

I suppose something like this happened: Leo and maybe Jacoby watched
them bury the locket.  After Donna and James drove off, they talked or
ate pie or went away or something for a long time, then one of them
walked over and picked up the locket, possibly without the knowledge of
the other.

I thought the direction of the 5/3 episode was the worst yet.  E.g., the
shot of dead Bernie -- what was going on there?  Did Leo kill him or
not?  Was he really lying there?  Cooper seemed like a different person,

It seems to me that Cooper should have been smart enough to have someone
waiting behind Bernie's apartment in case he tried to escape.

My favorite quote:
	"Only four shots?"
	"I put two in each eye, and one in each nostril."
	"Nice pattern."

It seems pretty clear that Norma's husband is the person Sarah and
Cooper saw in their dream.

Whoever suggested that the dwarf (shrunken man) represents Jacoby (the
shrink) deserves a prize.

If the sign outside the vet clinic really did say "Aid to the beast
incarnate" then we have the connection to Satanism.  "The beast" is, of
course, the anti-Christ.

*Every* piece of evidence points towards Leo.  If he turns out to be the
killer, I'll be completely disappointed.

When Cooper talks to the rest of the FBI, he talks always to boxes.

-- J