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Subject: Fwd: Soundtrack<-----a misnomer. and a few random musings.
From: (Edwin Huang)
Date: 1990-05-04, 16:19

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Subject: Soundtrack<-----a misnomer. and a few random musings.

Ok, Ive been looking at this newsgroup long enough now that noone has
heard the Julee Cruise record, "Floating Into the Night."  Until now,
that is.
I had the cd of this album from the day it was released...long before
the show
was even hyped. Anyway, I think I've digressed a bit.  All the tracks
written by David Lynch, and all the music, of course, is composed by
Badalamente (sp?). It contains the track Julee Cruise sang in "Blue
For those of you who don't pay CLOSE attention to music credits, this
is the
song that was played at the VERY end of the movie.

Let's see what else does it have.  The opening theme music is one of
songs on the Julee Cruise album, on the album though the song has
words, and
the song that was being sung (by Julee Cruise, by the way) in the
on the TP pilot, is also on the album.  Let's see, what ISN'T on the
Unfortunately, the tune the midget dances to is not on the disc, and
is that haunting piece of theme music that they've used incessantly
out ALL the episodes. Believe me, I like the music, but Im getting a
bit weary of the overuse of that one particular piece.

On a whole, I'd say the album is pretty good, not particularly for the
which seem rather prosaic, but for the feelings the songs evoke.  The
has David Lynch's signature ALL over it, and is a joy to listen to in
wee hours of the morning....This is "after midnight" music at its best.

Also, a few random comments:

I don't know if it is just me, but I find myself at the beginning of
show looking at who directed it, and if it is not David Lynch, already
having the idea in my head Im not gonna like it.  It's pretty
really, even though I feel a little bit uneasy with the way the show
been promoted as a "David Lynch TV Series" and up to this points has
directed, what, one of the actual episodes, (not counting the pilot).
much emphasis has been made on the David Lynch aspect, that I am afraid
true fans are gonna be left in the lurch, when Lynch moves onto other
things, and lets Twin Peaks fall where it may.

Also, Ill be damned pissed if at least the true killer of Laura Palmer
not revealed by the end of these first set of scripts.


Be with me Beauty, for the fire is dying...

Beauty, have pity, for the strong have power,
The rich their wealth, the beautiful their grace,
Summer of man its sunlight and its flower,
Spring-time of man all April in a face.

Let me have wisdom, Beauty, wisdom and passion,
Bread to the soul, rain where the summers parch.
Give me these, and though the darkness close
Even the night will blossom as the rose.
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