Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Killer revealed..kind of...
From: (Scott James Ladewig)
Date: 1990-05-04, 13:56

This is out of the paper at home (Kenosha News, Monday April 30)
Dana Ashbrook, who plays Bobby Briggs on "Twin Peaks," couldn't keep a secret from his girlfriend -- he told her who killed Laura Palmer on the ABC hit series.
"I have to live with her and sleep in the same bed with her and if I didn't
tell her, I'd be out the door," Ashbrook told People magazine.  But he's not
telling anyone else, even though he is bombarded by people wanting him to revealthe mystery.
"Everyone wants to know, everyone," he said.  "I mean, my mom and dad call and say, 'We've got to know who did it!  We've got to know!'" Ashbrook says.
"I can't tell them and they get kind of peeved at me but what can I do?  My 
Dad's a tallker and he'd probably spill the beans to his class (he teaches drama)."
Scott "Cheesehead" Ladewig