Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Latest word from Scott Frost
From: (Paul Raveling)
Date: 1990-05-04, 10:27

	Here's some feedback from my last call a couple nights ago
	(would have posted sooner, but I was out of town briefly...)

	If you'd like to write to ABC, especially to express support
	for Twin Peaks, he suggested writing directly to the top.
	ABC's president is...

		Bob Iger
		2040 Avenue of the Stars
		Century City, California  90067

	He suggests that you definitely DO NOT put any mention
	of Twin Peaks on a letters' envelope.  If they see that
	they forward the mail to the Twin Peaks folks and don't
	read it themselves.

	Some quick answers to small questions...

	1.  The rumor that ABC has already renewed Peaks for 20
	    episodes (or any other #) is false.

	2.  The rumor that anyone else has committed to picking up
	    Twin Peaks if ABC drops it is false.

	3.  They firmly believe though that ABC will continue it.
	    They've proposed to do 26 episodes for next season.

	4.  They're temporarily more-or-less out of touch with
	    David Lynch, who's doing post-production work on his
	    new film ("Wild at Heart") near San Francisco.

	5.  Scott Frost has shown some of the
	    messages that I've forwarded to Mark Frost; it seems
	    Mark already at knew the newsgroup existed, but probably
	    hadn't seen any of the messages on it.  Mark is taking
	    some time off, and is in New Orleans right now.  I believe
	    he'll be back by the end of next week, and perhaps he'll
	    offer some comments on our USENET discussion then.

	I'd expect most of the people involved with the show to be
	taking as much time off as they can in May.  If the expected
	renewal for next season comes through, they'll be busting a gut
	from June through next March.

	A footnote about the Frost family in Twin Peaks...

		Warren	(Dr. Hayward) is the father of the other two,
			and has had a long career in acting.  Most of
			his acting has been on the stage, but perhaps
			some may remember him from the film version of
			Slaughterhouse 5.

		Mark	[I trust everyone knows about Mark]

		Scott	is working on production, probably has a title
			of "production assistant" or something similar.
			Next season he'll also be a writer, with responsibility
			for a TBD* number of episodes.

			*TBD = to be determined.  Anyone who's had the
				misfortune of writing MIL-spec specifications
				knows this one well...

	BTW, Scott does a walk-on bit in episode [pilot+]5.  His
	comment about that was that "it'll show why some people are
	paid to act and others aren't".  I haven't talked to the other
	Frosts, but can testify that Scott is a bright guy with a good
	sense of humor.

Paul Raveling