Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Muses and Revelations
From: (Malachi Orion Kelerison)
Date: 1990-05-04, 09:04

Regarding Audrey:
   She gets more and mor interesting every show. After the pilot (episode 0)
I said "Oh god... what a BITCH!" After episode 2 I said, maybe she's just a
bit mixed up. Now I can't wait for more of her. Very confused girl (with a 
serious crush on Cooper. I hope he isn't smart enough to aviod her like the
plague, though I suspect he is.) and very bright. I loved the way that she 
buttered up daddy to get into the cosmetics section of Horne Dept store (being
as she's the only one (other than Cooper) to realize the perfume connection
between Laura and Ronette). Now she's working on getting back into Donna's 
good graces (she knows about Donna:James) as well. On a second thought, maybe
she wouldn't make such a bad match with Cooper.

Regarding Madeline:
   I don't know, could be Laura, but maybe not. When she said "Goodbye, James
Hurley" I almost had a conniption, but viewing it on the tape later revealed
that I missed him telling her his full name. What does everyone else think 
about Maddie? It could be that Lynch figured that as long as he hired the girl
he could use her in more than flashbacks and photos. She *does* have a
fantastic mouth!

Regarding the Director:
   Damn good! Not Lynch, but he meshes well with Lynch's style. I really 
enjoyed his timing, perspective and values.

Regarding Josie:
   Oy Gevault! Maybe the reason tht she's keeping her relationship with Harry
S Truman secret is to prevent Hank from finding out. And what is with that
damn DOMINO?

Regarding Cooper:
   He seems to be loosing his manic energy. Also he down't seem to be on
speaking terms with Diane anymore. Brilliant as every, but he just doesn't
SHINE like Audrey's been doing.

Regarding Lucy:
   She was a lot of fun this episode. Truman (or was it Cooper) walks in and 
asks "What's happening?" So she responds with a plot synopsis of "Invitation
to Love"!! I *loved* it! Also, her relationship with Andy seems to be troubled.
I think her relationship with Andy isthe most unorthodox truely radical idea
I have ever seen on TV. The entire relationship exists only as a series of 
hints without any hard evidence. Until the current episode (which I call 4)
everyone has been saying that they *suspect* a relatinship between Lucy and
Andy! It's just like real life! We don't know anything. And now they're
having problems. Or at least Lucy thinks they are.

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