Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Love that Llama!
From: lester@ttidca.TTI.COM (jim)
Date: 1990-05-04, 23:03

In article <> (Chris'n'Vickie of Kansas City) writes:
> >Oh no, 7 more days till the next one! 
> >My favorite thing was the Lydecker Vet Clinic, did everyone see that
> >huge fire hydrant? Nice Llama too! The best thing was the sign outside:
> >                    "Aid to the beast incarnate" 
> >Vickie (one of Vickie & Chris)

  Wanna bet the llama's name is Dolly?
  Do you suppose the llama was trained to give Cooper that 'look' as it
strode by him at the animal clinic, or was it just good karma?
  Since all the animals' files are arranged by pet's first name, I have to
assume that the parrot in question has a double as well.  I'd also bet
that when the bird talks it sez "Let's Rock!"
  Oh yes, the coffee pot.  Who's got a guess about the fishy coffee?  Was
that a red herring or was it Josie's shenanigans?  Is there some cross-
cultural meaning to putting a fish in someone's coffee?
  Why do you suppose Cooper & Truman exchanged that double take when they
entered the one-armed man's room and the fellow turned around?
  Andy's getting some good script, finally.  I liked his line about the
shoes :-)
  Twin Peaks: Not Just Another Who-donut.