Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TP: Jacoby clue?
From: (Robert Steven Glickstein)
Date: 1990-05-05, 14:39

Whew!  After laboriously reading every single article about TP in this
newsgroup, I discovered that I may actually have an original clue to
offer.  Yippee!

Near the beginning of episode (pilot + 5), Cooper is interrogating Dr.
Jacoby.  Jacoby, as usual, is wearing what another reader of this group
described as "3-d glasses" (one red lens, one blue lens).

Now, Jacoby is a psychiatrist, and his job involves putting people
enough at ease that they'll open up to him about their problems.  It
would be in Jacoby's professional interest not to indulge in bizarre
behavior such as walking around wearing 3-d glasses.  So why does he
wear them?  TO CORRECT COLOR-BLINDNESS.  Most types of color-blindness,
I'm told, can be partially compensated for by wearing the type of
glasses Jacoby wears.  (It has something to do with red light being
processed by the brain at a slightly different speed than blue light,
allowing the color-blind wearer of these glasses to train his or her
brain to distinguish between the images seen by the left eye, and those
seen by the right eye; i.e., the wearer learns to artificially
differentiate colors.)

Assume Jacoby is color-blind (he might not be; Lynch or Tamblyn or
somebody might simply have seen the glasses someplace and decided that
they were "right" for the character).  Assume also that he can't wear
his "3-d" glasses while driving at night for the same reason that you
wouldn't wear sunglasses while driving at night.  How, then, does Jacoby
know that on the night following Laura's death, he was following a man
in a RED Corvette?  Was he deliberately trying to implicate Leo in
something?  I feel like I should call Cooper (or Diane) and tell him
about the glasses :-).

Possible second Jacoby clue:  When Cooper awakes from his dream in
episode (pilot + 3), he is snapping in time to his dream's music.  The
manner and rate of his snapping is very reminiscent of the way the Jets
snap their fingers in West Side Story.  And, of course, Russ Tamblyn
(Dr. Jacoby) played the Jets' leader, Riff.

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