Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Cooper's dream
From: (Paul Christopher Workman)
Date: 1990-05-06, 14:30
Newsgroups: (Jeff Williamson) writes:
> > Funny, when I was watching the dream sequence episode--number 3?--I thought
> > that the old Cooper (from the dream) looked like Ronald Reagan, when you
> > saw him in profile. Anyone else care to comment? :-)

What struck me about Cooper in that dream sequence is
that one half of his face was aged but the other
half (the side away from the camera -- you could
only see when he turned his head) wasn't.  This
is the same condition a major character of the
film "Zardoz" was in.

I've been trying to make other connections between
T.P. and Zardoz, to see if Lynch was using this
regularly (and thus to shed light on the mysteries
of T.P.), but I haven't come up with any.  In "Zardoz,"
Sean Connery played Zed, some sort of noble warrior,
who is brought into a community of semi-psychic
(apparently) immortals to re-introduce death to the
community.  The resolution to "Zardoz" involves
a lot of revelations about certain entities controlling
other entities behind the scenes.  Any ideas?