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Subject: Favorite quote + coments - 5/3 episode
From: (Sanjay Gadkari)
Date: 1990-05-06, 07:40
Reply-to: Sanjay Gadkari

Favorite quote from the 5/3 episode:

	"I'm a strong sender."
				- Cooper, on seeing sketch of Sarah's vision

After taking such care not to trivialize Laura's death, the casual
introduction of a corpse by the river (Bernard) jarred.  The fact that
Horne drops his cigar wrapper next to it may be of significance.
Also, what was Bobby doing in Jacques' house?

Great show. Fun newsgroup. Get a copy of 'Floating Into the Night' (Julee
Cruise, Warner) - It has 'Falling', the TP title theme, but some of the other
tracks are otherworldly, goosebump-raising good.  For the sceptical, see 
M.Fremers review of the album in the Mar/Apr 90 issue of 'The Absolute Sound'

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